NOV 7: Municipal Election Day in CT

Check out CT News Junkie's Voter Guide to learn more about which seats are up for grabs in your town, and who is running for them. And be sure to spread the word and make sure your friends and family show up on election day.


Act to Save Healthcare at the State Level

While we were fighting to save the ACA, a health care disaster was coming to our state: The state budget proposals (both democratic and republican) make MASSIVE, immoral cuts to state medicaid programs. ** 77,500 CT residents will lose ALL medicaid, entirely **and many MORE people will lose all medicaid except for coverage of their …

Mothers United Against Violence: A March for Peace

If you were driving through Hartford this morning--Saturday, April 8--between 10 and 11 a.m., you may have found yourself waiting at a traffic light while a small but dedicated group of marchers passed through the streets. Led by a group of mothers who have lost children to violence, they carried simple white crosses, each baring …